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The Bartos Family

Private Hungary 1

The first episode of the Private Hungary series tells the Bartos family Saga: a talented amateur filmmaker Zoltán Bartos, a chanson composer and lumber businessman made more than five hours of 9,5mm amateur film from the late twenties until the mid sixties. In 1944 the Hungarian “Quisling government” plundered the half Jewish Bartos family. Following the Nazi period, surviving the war in a Forced Jewish Labor unite, Zoltán divorced mens louboutin sneakers and remarry. Later the Communists rage the Hungarian citizen's life; in 1949 his plant was nationalized and lost everything again, except his humor.

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1988 - 61 minutes - Video
Director • Péter Forgács
Music • Tibor Szemző
Editor • Márta Révész
Consultant • Gábor Ferenczi
Expert • János Tóth
Sound mix • Kati Gulyás
Music recording • László Hortobágyi
Video graphics • Zoltán Vida
Film restoration • Márton Kurutz

Péter Forgács

Produced in association with
This film was made possible by the support of the Private Film Archives and the Soros Foundation Budapest. Produced at Béla Balázs Studio & MTV Rt.- FMS

Hungarian TV1, Duna TV, RTBF, and Arte France
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1990 • Grand Prize • World Wide Video Festival, The Hague, Holland
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