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Own Death

a film based on Péter Nádas' „Own Death" novel. A trip nearest to the boundaries of life and death: back and forth.
"Dying is a tough job, especially when one has to finish urgently some galley proofs. Peter Nádas has evocated this brilliantly in his short novel Own Death. And it has now an evenly brilliant equivalent in the imagery Peter Forgács designed for it. Hardly ever since Marguerite Duras' India Song the collaboration between the literary and the cinematic have been so successful as in this Forgács film of the Nádas story."

Peter Delpeut

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2008 - 118 minutes - HDVCAM, BlueRay, and DIGIT BETA video

Director Péter Forgács
Literary scriptwriter, narration Péter Nádas
Scriptwriter Péter Forgács
Producer Péter Forgács, Enikő Szabó
Director of photography András Nagy , Péter Forgács
Consultant to the director András Forgách
Editor, special photography Péter Sass
Music Barnabás Dukay, László Melis, Mihály Víg
Sound engineer Tamás Zányi

Cast István Benkő, Ágnes Hárai, András Novák, dr. István Kántor, Niki Szekeres, Gabriella Balogh, Gergely Somogyi

Set decorator Sándor Katona
Leadman János Tóth
Sound recorder Gábor Komlódi
Focus puller Gergő Csepregi
Camera technician (camera assistant) Gábor Dorcsák, Tamás Szántó
Gaffer Richárd Romwalter
Costume designer János Breckl
Make up artist Eta Csabavölgyi
Extras' organizer Casting Armada
Continuity Judit Czirják

Special thanks to
Magda Salamon
Lenke Sziágyi
Juli Váradi
Szent János Hospital
Danubius Hotel Gellért
Gerbaud Café
Alföldi Dental System

Private Photo and Film Archive - ECO Film

Supported by
MMKA K3 and TV film, Duna TV, NKÖM

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2008 • Best Experimental Film Prize • Hungarian Film Week • Budapest
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2008 Budapest
2008 Rotterdam IFF
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 Ernst van Alphen : On the Possibility and Impossibility of Modernist Cinema:
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